SQDM: Innovative SOA to Boost Business Management Operations

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been evolving rapidly with the enhancement of business standards globally. Like every technological innovation, implementation of SOA involves certain risks. The most frequent problem is insufficient detailing while designing the service architecture of a company. If the components are not properly detailed during the SOA solution definition phase, it becomes very difficult to modify during the implementation stage. Important factors such as business architecture, information architecture, application architecture and technical architecture of an enterprise suffer due to poor SOA implementation processes.

To help emerging companies in overcoming these struggles, SQDM, a business management consultancy service, helps companies in Business Process Management (BPM), design and implementation of integrated solutions based upon SOA and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Headquartered in Woburn, MA, the company also business oriented consultancy service to help clients overcome initial stages of business management and integration. “We provide our customers with the highest level of expertise in understanding their business and crafting a CRM solution best suited to optimize and automate company’s processes,” says Eric Borthwick , Director of operations at SQDM.

We provide our customers with the highest level of expertise in understanding their business and crafting a CRM solution best suited to optimize and automate business processes

The SOA solution offered by SQDM integrates new services with a company’s core systems, strategically defining a service-oriented architecture, allowing easy control over management activities. The application also helps clients in managing various services without any potential risks. The BPM service offered by SQDM gives access to companies for measuring variables of automated processes in order to make efficient business decisions. In addition, the product helps in carrying out management processes proficiently to achieve constant performance goals.
“The company’s CRM experience allows businesses to implement a unique strategy based on the company’s customer base,” affirms Vargas. This strategy helps in connecting customers with a company’s business core and influence CRM investment through all courses of the customer engagement.

“SQDM’s approach transforms a company’s ability to integrate valuable information and focuses on technical flexibility to achieve long-term goals,” says Borthwick. For instance, Corficolombiana, a financial services company, faced problems with process automation, managing and integrating new software and storing it in one single place. After availing SQDM’s SOA services, the company was able to consolidate business operations and has faced no further problems with service integration and maintaining customer satisfaction. Another financial service company, Credivalores, provides banking facilities to a population of slow economic standing—people who are not included in the banking system. As a result of their increasing client database, the company had to face significant problems in managing and integrating important information related to their clients. After setting up SQDM’s solutions, the company managed to trounce all their problems related to business process and customer relationship management.

Through its distinct services, SQDM has succeeded in maintaining flexibility, building long-term relationship with clients and maximizing ROI. SQDM caters to a variety of industrial sectors including finance, insurance, telecommunications, logistics and technology. “We are committed to the highest level of service for each of our clients by providing them proper SOA infrastructure for increased flexibility in business management,” says Borthwick.

Moving ahead, the company is aiming to expand its operations in the U.S. with the help of its technology partners AuraPortal BPM, Microsoft, Oracle and Tibco. Currently, SQDM’s sole aim is to implement strategies that will enable them to fulfill SOA, BPM and CRM requirements for enhancing business agility and maintaining good customer relationships.


Woburn, MA

Eric Bortheick, Director of Operations at SQDM

Provider of Software oriented architecture solutions to optimize business management processes including financial services, logistics and technology