Perficient: Intelligence-driven SOA for Better Operational Efficiency

Today, a myriad of enterprises are leveraging the capability of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to increase the flexibility between their loosely coupled IT services. The successful implementation of SOA is enabling organizations to reduce their IT expenses by as much as 20 percent. In spite of these positive takes, the field of SOA is not devoid of challenges. “Most of the companies are naive to think SOA as something that they buy, not something that they do. This misconception obstructs in ensuring consistency with the architectural vision and road map of the company,” delineates Jeffrey S. Davis, CEO and President, Perficient. “We have a complete set of SOA modules that apart from offering training courses to staff, also dwells into fully-fledged service lifecycle, from strategic concepts such as roadmaps and governance models to standards for development, testing and running large-scale SOA infrastructures,” adds Davis.

Practicing SOA for more than ten years, Perficient’s business integration services specialize in creating coherent architecture that enables enterprise agility by making systems flexible, optimized, automated and accessible. Integrating both competitive technology and management skills in its approach, the company’s SOA delivers value-oriented services to their clients. “We have built our SOA methodology, standards and patterns after capturing the best practices of the industry. It thus makes our clients’ businesses more responsive to market opportunities, improves productivity and strengthens communication between systems,” asserts Davis.

Gaining knowledge from hundreds of successful integration projects, Perficient offers a customizable integration methodology known as Quick Start Rulebook (QSR). QSR defines an object oriented approach for designing business services, events, rules, processes and common business objects to support SOA. These services are utilized by Perficient project teams to let the clients achieve accelerated results, maximized ROI, increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. “Our QSR’s ever-growing library of intellectual property helps clients to jumpstart their initiatives as every deliverable of SOA QSR is customized to meet their unique requirement. The deliverables include detailed guidebooks around fields such as custom development, administration, architecture and governance,” explains Davis. The application of QSR decreases a company’s overall project timeline by 10 percent and training costs by more than 20 percent.
Besides, the company also capitalizes its expertise in providing an SOA utility service called Veracity. This software solution consists of logging, error handling and transaction monitoring capabilities which ensures smooth implementation of SOA. “The complex nature of transactions in the SOA systems had a constant threat of errors. It was to address this problem that, we came up with a powerful, centralized, and customizable error handling tool, Veracity,” points out Davis. The viable traits of Veracity include Audit Log, Exception Handling and Management, Transaction Monitor and SOA Gateway. These frameworks help the administrator to have a constant tab on every move occurring in the SOA system.

Moving ahead, there have been several instances when Perficient’s services proved highly productive for its clients. Perficient has been supporting TIBCO for the last ten years in its entire product line, including SOA. The various phases of SOA suite where Perficient has contributed are methodology, quality assurance, regression testing, real-time monitoring and exception handling.

Our QSR’s evergrowing library of intellectual property help the clients to jumpstart their initiatives

Perficient’s assistance was followed by increased operational efficiency and robustness in TIBCO’s systems.

As Perficient looks to the future, they will continue to strive for new ways to engage with the SOA experience. “Our company envisions embracing the new trends in SOA in a way that it transforms the IT world in a better way,” concludes Davis.


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Jeffrey S. Davis, CEO and President

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