Miracle Software Systems: A Strategic Approach to SOA

Prasad Lokam, Founder and CEO
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is often treated as a technology destination or an IT project. However, SOA is a journey that focuses on some key principles of building or exposing existing business services as reusable assets, following a set of open standards to facilitate creation of new services. This is how Prasad Lokam and Madhavi Lokam, founders of Miracle Software Systems—a global systems integrator—perceived SOA.

However, the process of adopting such an approach was not devoid of challenges. The main issue is surfaced around treating SOA as part of a project versus a fundamental shift in the development and reuse of business application components. Additionally, the other challenge is associated with the formation of governance/operational aspects of the service assets for enterprise consumption versus project consumption. “Miracle has been a trusted thought leader in SOA, empowering IT executives and managers with the capability for solving these challenges around the SOA adoption. We consider various aspects of SOA adoption such as SOA Platform Selection, Architecture, Training, Governance, and SOA Implementation services. In addition, we have been a partner with some of the best in this space like IBM, Oracle, and SAP,” says Prasad Lokam, Founder and CEO, Miracle Software Systems. Further, the firm has been at the forefront in identifying the future niche and disruptive technologies. Miracle has made continuous attempts to adopt these technologies and is among the first in making use of it to resolve customer requirements.

Miracle extends SOA Architectural Services that empower the data as well as resources to be exposed and defined in any environment. “Our implementation of SOA Architectures continues to empower customers to be able to utilize the fundamentals as part of the cloud adoption, mobile application deployments or embrace the Internet of Things,” adds Lokam. Following the success of their SOA Architectural Services, Miracle has started providing managed services to customers around the integration along with a predefined set of services catalogue with a predefined business outcome.
This is revolutionizing the way the C-suite executives are now thinking about IT and how this services catalogue can be utilized by them to achieve agility and predictability on services.

Miracle’s Business Process Transformation (BPX) service enables companies become nimble and agile for constant changes in a rapidly growing marketplace. Today, as companies start entering the phase 2 of the transformation journey, process optimization assumes a huge significance. BPX service can be utilized to automate many business processes and meet this aim. BPX is often combined with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) for ensuring that processes are not only optimized, but also monitored in real-time. This way, it becomes easy to derive business insights and carry out effective and highly predictive analytics.

Miracle has enabled several large retailers in building SOA Architecture and implementing some of the frameworks. Also, the enterprise has found immense success in deploying several integrations and interfaces within a few weeks. In one of the recent engagements, Miracle facilitated nearly 100 percent automation of their client’s DevOps activities from design to go live and this has been a significant improvement in terms of how the Middleware infrastructure has been looked at.

“With the CAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Security) continuing to transform enterprises into being digital, Miracle has plans to add 20,000 new millennials with Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science to be a part of this next generation managed services offerings to our customers. In terms of geographical expansion, we are building a state-of-the-art facility in India,” concludes Lokam.

We integrate modern trends into our offerings to provide lightweight cloud enabled SOA implementations

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Prasad Lokam, Founder and CEO

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