Akana: Empowering API Management and SOA Governance

Roberto Medrano, Executive Vice President
Today, CIOs find it a herculean task to manage the complexities of legacy infrastructure, while delivering agility to accelerate digital transformation. Often, APIs and SOA are critical tools to achieve this balance. APIs provides advantages to organizations in developing applications, securely and consistently sharing information and improving overall operational efficiency. Ensuring a truly effective and lucrative digital presence through facilitating the adoption of APIs and SOA is Akana, a Los Angeles, CA based company. Akana helps in the management, deployment, and operations of APIs, while enhancing the security and regulatory compliance through authentication, authorization and audit capabilities.

Akana leverages integrated API Management and SOA Governance platforms to help businesses speed up digital transformation across multiple channels—mobile, cloud, and IoT. Akana’s API Management solution ensures applicability, integrity and usability of a wide range of assets through their lifecycle stages from asset identification to deprecation. The full lifecycle is split into planning governance, development governance, and operational governance. The company facilitates organizations to share data as APIs, connect and integrate applications, drive partner adoption, monetize their assets, and provide intelligent insights into their business and operations. “Our API Management platform enables enterprises to unlock data from backend systems and applications, and securely make them available to partners and developers to build apps,” says Roberto Medrano, Executive Vice President, Akana. The platform is extremely scalable and allows customers to either use public cloud, private cloud, or the Akana Cloud platform.

The company is unrivalled for its innovative products in driving operational intelligence that are designed to work seamlessly. Akana’s API Gateway solution helps in ensuring security and defense, authentication and authorization, data encryption, threat prevention, and traffic rate limitation. Furthermore, Akana’s Community Manager is a developer portal that enables API producers to engage partners and application developers to share, collaborate, onboard, manage, and test their applications. The company’s Lifecycle Manager product facilitates enterprises to effectively collaborate with businesses, developers and IT operations, resulting in rapid deployment cycles, while escalating dependability, stability, and availability of their API and supporting assets.
“Akana enables policy based DevOps automation and a runtime platform that provides service discovery, registry, security enforcement, scaling, routing and auditing of microservices on a variety of containerization and cloud platforms,” states Medrano.

The company works in partnership with their clients to understand evolving market trends which allows them to serve clients better. “Our ability to ‘engage, react, and predict’ has served us incredibly well,” asserts Medrano. For instance, Healthdirect Australia employed Akana’s API and security solutions to develop a comprehensive National Health Services Directory (NHSD) that included doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and emergency departments. An interesting fact about this client is that the data must be available anytime, anywhere on Australia’s numerous agency websites. To accomplish this task, Healthdirect Australia republished its SOAP services from the backend application as REST APIs for consumption by widgets and other applications. The APIs were integrated easily with a host of websites and mobile applications. In order to manage and secure these APIs, Healthdirect Australia utilized Akana's Gateway solution in Amazon Web Services platform.

Our customers perceive us as the ‘digital glue’ to extend an enterprise and its data throughout an ecosystem through partner networks, digital value chains, and internal data analysis

Moving forward, Akana is focused on the evolution and diversification of SOA, unifying security, management, and DevOps across SOA, APIs, microservices, and cloud integration. “Our customers and analysts perceive us as the ‘digital glue’ that can be employed to extend an enterprise and its data throughout an ecosystem through partner networks, digital value chains, and internal data analysis,” concludes Medrano.


Los Angeles, CA

Roberto Medrano, Executive Vice President

A provider of comprehensive suite of API management, security, SOA Governance, Cloud Integration, and Micro services solutions to help businesses accelerate digital transformation across mobile, cloud, and IoT

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